If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news lately, you’ll know there’s been plenty of debate about the rise of zero hours contracts in the UK.

At MR Cleaning Supplies, and our sister company Cleveland Cleaning, everyone we employ has a minimum amount of guaranteed hours and our managing director Marie McCreadie has spoken out against the practice.

There are nearly a million workers in the UK who are on zero hours contracts – this figure has grown by 20 per cent in just a year and sees each of those people losing out on around £1,000 annually compared to employees on set contracts according to a Resolution Foundation study.

But we’re really pleased to say none of our 84 members of staff are included in this figure, and we’re committed to it remaining that way.

There are numerous reasons for that and one of the main ones is stability, whether that’s for our team, our clients or the company as a whole.

The people who work for us are our biggest assets, so providing them with the reassurance of stable hours to the benefit of their finances and family life is the least we should be doing for them.

We know they feel more valued when they’re offered regular hours, but we’re always realistic about their contracts so we’re not promising anything we can’t provide. As the workload fluctuates we can move them into other areas of the business if necessary.

Our clients also benefit from our no zero hours policy, as it means if their regular cleaner is away on holiday the relief worker who comes in will have worked for us for a while and maintain the same high standards they’re used to.

We know of quite a few other cleaning companies employing people on zero hours but we’re proud to be fairly unique within the industry – and to have a low turnover of staff as a result.

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