At MR Cleaning Supplies, our staff are at the core of everything we do – we simply wouldn’t be able to operate without them and they are the reason we were able to launch last year with two decades of experience in the cleaning industry under our belts.

One of the people who has been key to the launch and continued success of MR Cleaning Supplies is Nikki McCreadie, our operations manager. So we’re focusing on her in this, the first of our staff spotlight blogs.

Career woman

Nikki was just 18 when she started her career in the industry, and she didn’t have to look very far for inspiration as her mom Marie had set up Cleveland Cleaning which was already starting to thrive at that point.

But rather than being handed a top job, Nikki proved her worth by starting as a cleaner and working her way up through the ranks until she became operations manager.

So when the idea for MR Cleaning – a product supply company running alongside the original business – was conceived, it was only natural for Nikki to become operations manager.

No two days are the same as she has responsibility for everything from stock levels and money handling to dealing with customers face to face, contacting potential customers and even the social media accounts.

She says: “We had been buying stock for Cleveland Cleaning for so long and we thought about it and decided we could actually supply the stock too. When we moved premises last June we had more space so it was the ideal time to start MR.

“The best part of my job is working with my family and the fact every day is so varied, I wouldn’t like it if it was mundane.

“Marie was always determined she was going to succeed and that inspired me. Seeing my mom build a business from scratch was definitely a big inspiration.

“My focus now is the continued growth of MR Cleaning Supplies. Launching the company was good but nerve wracking in case things didn’t go to plan, but they did and it’s been great to watch it grow.”

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