It’s exciting times here at MR Cleaning Supplies as we have been pushed into the national spotlight this week.

This afternoon on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat programme both Marie and Samantha Lee will be chatting about the practice of zero hour contracts.

Back in February company director Marie spoke out against the practice and pledged to keep this policy in place for all of her staff.

The topic is also on the Labour manifesto with plans to scrap the zero hours policy if they win the general election.

This is great as it raises awareness about the practice and will get more business owners to take note and perhaps think about their own internal policies.

Having not been on national Radio before we were a little nervous but BBC Newsbeat reporter Nick Rotheram was great and talked us through the steps of how the interview would go – it was very informal.

Our PR company J&PR were also with us taking a few photos which you can see below.

The zero hour contracts policy means an employer is not obliged to provide a minimum amount of weekly working hours – something which sees workers losing out on around £1,000 annually compared to employees on set contracts.

At MR Cleaning Supplies we understand that people rely on a regular income to help pay for such things as a mortgage or save for a family holiday or deposit on a first home.

You’ll be able to hear the interview on Radio 1 Newsbeat from 5:45pm today and if you miss it don’t worry, we’ll put a link to the interview up on our website soon.

For more information about MR Cleaning Supplies you can contact the staff on 01952 951763.

Marie getting to grips with the Radio 1 mic as part of the intro piece to the story


Newsbeat reporter Nick Rotherham speaks to Samantha Lee