Do you buy cleaning supplies in Telford? The Telford Langley School do, please read our story below on how we teamed up with them to help save them money and excess waste.

Here at M R Cleaning Supplies in Telford we have been working hard, as evidenced by the below pictures! We have stocked our delivery van with 95 brand new dispensers for The Telford Langley School in Dawley, and we will be replacing their old dispensers with nice clean looking, more cost effective dispensers throughout the school, helping to save them both money and stop waste!

What we supplied…

The hand towel dispenser we supplied, was the optiserv hands free dispenser; these come in a range of colours including black, white, green, red and sliver and the dispenser is designed to deliver a pre-measured amount of towelling to control usage and promote cost savings. Not only that but as there is no need to touch the dispenser, it reduces the contact with harmful bacteria and maintains hygiene. To go with these brand new dispensers, we have supplied a Baywest 8166 blue hand towel but they always the option to go for a more deluxe White Hand Towel that can fit in the dispensers too.

To complete their transition we have supplied a side by side toilet roll dispenser known as the “Dubl-serv” system, these are also available in black, white, green, red and sliver and are ideal for any washroom settings where cubicle space is a consideration. The dispenser holds 1,250 sheets of 2-ply toilet tissue when at full capacity, this high capacity reduces the rate of replenishing and means toilet roll is always available to the user. A break bar along the bottom of the dispenser ensures no stub roll waste as the roll in use has to be completely exhausted before the new roll can be made available, saving both money and waste.

To complete the order we have put the Baywest 616 Toilet Rolls in, these are a 2 ply toilet roll and come with 36 rolls per box which we recommend due to it’s high quality and efficiency.

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